Our brand philosophy

At R3FORM, we believe in individuality. Being unique and different is what makes this world of ours beautiful. We don't want to be the next it handbag. We don't want to be a huge brand. We just want to make stylish, thoughtfully designed- functional handbags that stand on their own and that others can enjoy. R3FORM is simply a celebration of individuality. 

Founded in 2013, we focus on offering small capsule collections of unique handbags and small leather goods that are meticulously designed and detail driven. All of our products are responsibly sourced and designed. Quality materials and craftsmanship are essential to R3FORM. To ensure you receive quality crafted goods, we are very closely involved in the development journey of each product. Our partner factory, located in Qingdao China; a city perched on China’s Yellow Sea Coast is known for developing high quality leather handbags for luxury fashion brands. We have very high standards and want you to love every aspect of the unique products we design for you.  

We believe in transparency with our customers. No hidden/inflated costs, shady factories, or harmful practices- we keep it 100 with you.